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Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System.

28 juni 2018

Een klassieker is zeer gewild, maar helaas betekent dit ook dat uw klassieke Porsche gevoelig is voor diefstal. Als officieel Porsche Classic Partner bieden wij u het Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), zodat uw klassieker te volgen en traceren is bij diefstal.

Van het Porsche Classic VTS zijn twee varianten beschikbaar. Neem contact op met ons service team om advies te krijgen welke variant het beste voor u is. Het service team is te bereiken via: [email protected] .


The Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System.

Your classic car is too big to fit in a safe?

It doesn’t need to.

You have already experienced a lot with your classic car, with plenty more to come? But with the promise of driving pleasure comes responsibility: The ever-increasing value makes your Porsche a coveted item – for which you can now provide even better protection. With the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System and the associated app, we offer you an innovative safety system with GPS-based monitoring. Make sure that your Porsche stays exactly where it belongs: close to you.

Alarm notification
If your classic car is moved without your permission or if the battery is disconnected, you will immediately receive an alarm notification on your smartphone via the app. You also receive a call from our security centre to clarify whether this is actually a theft. Once confirmed that it is a theft, the security centre begins all the necessary steps to recover your classic car as quickly as possible: Our
security centre manages the communication with the nearest police station and helps the emergency forces to retrieve your car using the intelligent vehicle localisation. No matter in which European country you and your classic car are located at the time of the theft, we remain in constant contact with you – in your native language of course.

Special modes
To avoid false alarms, you can deliberately disable the warning system during Service appointments or while the vehicle is being transported: All you have to do is activate the relevant mode in your app. This allows you to move your classic car or remove the battery for as long as you need without triggering an alarm.

Geofence and speed control
The app offers a variety of useful control and monitoring functions: For example, with the geofence function you can define a driving zone that you want your vehicle to remain in. You will receive a notification should your classic car reach the limits of or leave this zone. You can also specify a maximum speed; you will be informed by the security centre if the car is driven at a speed
exceeding this.

Car Finder
With the Car Finder feature that is built into the app, you can easily locate your Porsche at any time. The clear satellite map shows both your location and that of your classic car. If you wish, you can effortlessly navigate to an appropriate parking spot via the fastest route.

Route information
If you wish, you can retrieve all saved route information via the app – and thus retrace where your classic car has driven.